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Week 1 - Make A Switch - 12 Pounds The First Week! - January 8, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the week 1 recap of 2018's my diet starts Monday where I am showing you how to make the physiological switch in your body to go from a sugar burner to a fat burner, to achieve healthy weight loss.

Let's break down the stats on where I am after 1 week of working toward my goals. What is my goal? My goal is to go from an obese 271 to a healthy 230 in 60 days. Yes, 40 pounds in 60 days. Can it be done? Sure. Can it be done in a healthy way? Sure.It's simple when you know how.

Now, as you remember from the last video, I showed you my Bio-Impedance Analysis statistics. I run a scan monthly, so we won't do that for another few videos. But just for reminders, my body fat percentage put me as obese. But in that scan, I knew I had a good shot at losing weight because my nutritional stats were high and strong, while my toxicity stats came in low. Both good things, so I didn't have to worry about that as a potential road block.

Next, is my blood glucose and blood ketones are something that I pay very close attention to. Blood sugar I like to see in the 80s. I week ago, I was 95, that is a click too high. Now keep in mind, there's probably not a medical doctor in the lovely state of Utah that would even say anything if this came back as your blood sugar level. He would say, you blood sugar is good! Well, totally and completely disagree. Yes, it is within the lab range of what is considered normal, which is 80-100 for most labs. I'm only 5 points away from going out of range. It's not a solid green light. It's like a yellow light, you are in the yellow. Yellow means caution.  Yes, it is within the law to go thru a yellow, but if you don't parlay that a “be careful”, you are asking for trouble.

The result is now I have dropped all the way down to 77. Wait that is below your 80 range, is that bad? No, not necessary. It would be non-ideal if I blood sugar was what my body was using primarily for fuel. So, seeing that number dip below 80 actually makes me cautiously optimistic that my body is switching over or has switched over to burning fat for fuel. And that we find in the next thing that I monitor and that is my ketone level. Now, remember, the reference range for someone to be in a solid fat burning state is 1.5-3.0. and I am coming in at....

3.7. So, as you can see, I am well into fat burning, what nutritionists call ketosis. Other terms are keto adapted, or just keto. All these terms mean that I have switched over from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Yeah!!!

So, the next thing I keep is a graph, which charts my weight loss. To this point after 7 days, I have lost 12 pounds going from 271.5 down to 259.1. And I have charts that I have blocked into 30 day periods, so I can follow patterns, plateaus and huge losses. As you can see, I gained a couple pounds from day 2 to 3. That's why I went out for pizza with family. Now, I could have been good, but I decided not to and pig out instead. No lie, it was good. But the kicker was that my awesome cousin brought her own food! She is following her plan, and she just brought some yummy nutritious in her container and made me look bad. Now, they didn't know I was on a program, but the take home is, you don't have to be self-conscious about bringing your own food to events. No big deal. If someone makes a big deal about it, then maybe they are just a petty, un-supporting, silly, self-conscious, scared person that needs your help. So, go easy on them and see if you can help them.

I combine that with my daily eating log. Very simple. Very basic. This way, I can look at diet and weight loss to see any correlations, any patterns, any trends, because you want to constantly learn and optimize programs that work best for you and the things you need to do to get the best results. I limit my diet to fruits, vegetables, and meats. Super clean. And super mean.

And yes, I am exercising, this week I jogged 4 mornings, Monday thru Thursday. And took a 3-day weekend.

Now, I track the weight loss together with food intake and exercise because the fact is that I will hit a plateau and when you do, I want to make sure that it's just that, it's your body regrouping and preparing and just something that happens rather than a self-inflicted stall or plateau due to something that you are doing.

And so, what does 12 pounds look like? Well, not much. But, Next, is the picture...

Picture number 1 from the front. Picture number 2 from the side. And picture number 3 from the back. I'd says the side is the most different. What do you think?

Yes, my body has made the switch. I like it. The one thing I want you to get out of seeing me go thru the process is that it is more about chemistry than calories. When you get your body chemistry right, success will follow. So, as you can see, everything is very closely monitored and observed. And knowing these things, anyone can do it! It's a way that lets me know I am moving in the right direction - the right way!! The make a switch program is available to all patients. That doesn't mean you have to be adjusted, but it does mean a visit to the office...

Just a little more than 1/10th gone. 7 days of a 60 day program. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give the office a call. Remember, it's chemistry over calories. And it's better to be in alignment than out of alignment, every single time. We will see you next post!

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Jan 8, 2018