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Week 10 - Make A Switch - Goals! - March 12, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to week 10’s recap of 2018’s my diet starts Monday. Goals! I got goals people. And I know you do too. And because there are many just starting or that are about to start the Make a Switch program, this week’s video is for you. Cause you know that 2018 is the year of years! For those just joining, The Make a Switch program is the, hands down, absolute best program there is to lose weight that I have come across in the past 20 years of studying diet, nutrition, and weight loss. Really. Yeah, because I have taken the 3 very best programs that answer the 3 most important questions, when it comes to weight loss.  What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat. The trifecta.  I’ve put a switch on them and have combined them into one.  Does it work? Uh, yeah. Check out past videos if you want to see the process. It’s cool.

Now members, the Make a Switch program provides the framework, the formula, the nuts and bolts. And on top of that, you have got to be ready, willing, and able. You have to create the mindset and the discipline and combine that together with the structure of the program, in order to unlock the vault.

So, how do you create the mindset and the discipline? I’m so glad you asked. The answer. You gotta make and set goals properly and that includes leverage. Pay very close attention to this approach cause it’s all about leverage. And as Archimedes said…give me a big enough lever and I can move the world. So true.

Now, by taking care of the physical and losing weight, many wonder if it will have a positive effect on other aspects, the social, the professional, the relationships. You better believe that improving one aspect of your health elevates your game in other ways too. So, as you make your physical weight loss goal, write down other goals as well and watch how you hit them also! Break your goals up into 5 categories, get ready to make some serious switches. The 5 categories are

  1. Physical and personal. Physical is where your weight loss or size, or body fat will go. That stuff. Personal is, the hobbies, the purchases, the material, the stuff that makes life fun.
  2. Is the opposite of physical/personal and that is the mental/spiritual. Not the outside, but the inside. Education, books, learning, prayer, meditation. That stuff.
  3. Professional and financial. Anything to do with money, job, finances, and carrier. If you are retired, that’s okay too.
  4. Is the opposite of pro and financial, it is social and community. Doing it for the greater good without any monetary compensation. The volunteer and charitable work.
  5. Family and relationship. That can be the family that you came from, the family that you have now, or the family you are planning have in the future.

How many goals should you have in each? Doesn’t matter. They don’t have to be equal. They will switch the more you do it. Now let’s be very careful people. “Lose weight” that is not a goal. That is a want. To turn the want into a goal, it needs two things. It needs a deadline and it needs to be measureable. Leverage. “Lose 40 pounds in 60 days”. That’s a goal. It has both. Be in a size 6 in 40 days. That’s a goal. 15% body fat by June 1. I think we got it!

Now, to turn that goal into a really good goal, give it 3 more things, a reward, a consequence, and a sponsor. A reward is something that you will give yourself when you hit your goal. Maybe it’s the new dress, the new bathing suit, the family reunion pictures. leverage! A consequence is something you don’t want to do. It could be the natural consequence of wearing the old dress again, or being dissatisfied with pictures, or an arranged consequence that is not thrilling, but helps others. It could be volunteer at a community center, or help a neighbor with a project. More leverage. And your sponsor is someone you share your goal with, who will be your advocate and who you are accountable to. Huge Leverage. When you hit your goal, you get the reward, and you avoid the consequence. If, you miss your goal, you get the consequence and you don’t get the reward. Leverage. Oh, man! It’s game on now!

For me, my goal was to lose 40 pounds in 60 days. Measureable. Deadline. Check. Now, admittedly, my reward and my consequence were a bit unorthodox, unconventional.; My reward, the weekly videos. And my consequence, the weekly videos. I could not think of a way for me, to be more accountable than posting every week, my progress, no matter what it was. And my sponsor? Yes, the very best person for the job. My biggest support. From day 1, she was right there, keeping track, encouraging, and motivating. Thanks Shug! Leverage!

Now, as you approach weight loss, remember, that weight loss is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch other aspects of your health improve as well. Is it worth it? You bet it is. And we all know it. That's why we all strive for it. it is a battle. In any battle, it's time to vanquish the foe! Set goals properly in all aspects of your life, creating leverage to develop the discipline and mindset, to combine with the structure of the Make a Switch program by remembering that it is chemistry over calories, and it is better to be in alignment than out every single time. We will see you at the next post, next week.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Mar 12, 2018