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Week 16 - Section 89 Cleanse - Do You Feel Like Shiz?

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 16s recap of 2018s my diet starts Monday.

Up until now, we have been talking weight loss and the make a switch program. If you don’t know what that is, you may not know that you can save 15% or more on your car insurance. If that is the case, check out my weekly posts on the website blog that started Jan. 1! It’s totally cool. 

Hey doc, is that the only lifestyle program that you offer at the alignment center?  Not even close. It’s just one of several programs that are grouped together and are done sequentially that I call Section 89. It answers the question that I get asked all the time. Hey, is there anything I can do? Yes! Improve your lifestyle! Get healthy. Now, how does that help with the adjustment I just got? It helps because the part of the brain that manages stress is the part of the brain that manages posture. Better manage the stress of your lifestyle to better manage your correction and alignment. Want your adjustments to hold? Fix your lifestyle.

Okay, so what are the steps? And where do I start? 

Here are the steps. Clean up the toxic load on the body with a cleanse. Heal up the gut and repair your digestion. Balance out hormones and body chemistry. Get regular therapeutic exercise. And Improve your posture.

Where do you start? You start with a cleanse. Why start with a cleanse? Because it is the first step in the healing process, in any aspect of life. Not just physical, right. Wow, that’s deep. Totally. So true though. So, let’s answer some questions right off the bat so you can decide if a cleanse is for you. 

First, what is a toxin? Well, there are two types. Internal and external. Internal toxins are what the body naturally produces inside as tissue gets old and dies. The waist products and breakdown materials that the body gets rid of as new tissue takes its place. This is what the body is designed to and can tolerate internal toxins quite nicely.

External toxins are the environmental pollutants that surround us every day, that most American have a hard time tolerating and impact our health. Foods, odors, things that trigger sickness, headaches, and other symptoms. There are many different categories of external toxins. The big 3 being carcinogenic (potentially cancerous), hormone disrupting, and neurotoxic (poisonous to the brain and nerves). 

Where do toxins come from? Unfortunately they are all around us, in different forms, which I call the 5 p. They come from Air pollutants, now there’s a good look at your backyard, Processed foods a look in your pantry, Pesticides wonder what the hazmat suits are for, Pills Rx and over the counter, and household products, and not just under the sink, on the countertop as well. So, as you can see, we are exposed to toxins every day, repeatedly, multiple times a day. 

The US department of health and human services said this More than 100,000 chemicals are used by Americans, and about 1,000 new chemicals are introduced each year.    

So, how might a toxic person feel? Well, any number of ways. In the cleanse 20 minutes of truth video under the Section 89 tab, I go thru a handful of direct correlations and over a dozen other indirect correlations. All siting current literature explaining how and why. For example,

Having trouble with your weight? Finding it difficult to take off? One reason could be a toxic load, because toxins are stored in fat tissue, and as a defense response, fat cells get fatter, and you get fatter. 

Having digestive issues? Heartburn? Gas and Bloating? Constipation? Yeah, toxins wreak havoc on your digestive track, breaking down the lining, and disrupting the crucial balance of bacteria.

Do you battle with hormone imbalances? Thyroid symptoms? Symptoms of an uncomfortable and irregular cycle?  Well, as we mentioned earlier there is a whole classification of toxins labeled hormone disruptors. Not too hard to figure out that connection.

Do you struggle with energy levels? Do you feel fatigued? Has your get up and go, gone up and went? Well, what if I told you that toxins damage the energy producing parts of the cell and that may be why lethargic is you middle name?

And another real biggy, do you have ongoing pain? Well what if I do? Well, the literature explains how toxins can alter the pain signal from short term to long term. And that happens all the way down on a genetic level. Find the cause.

And those are just the direct correlations. it just goes from there. Depression, Autoimmune conditions like RA, MS, diabetes, and hashimotos, obesity, fibromyalgia, all the way up to cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular illness, and others.

Okay, but how can you possibly get rid of all the toxins that surround us? It’s impossible! You’re totally right. You can’t eliminate all toxins. The purpose of a cleanse is not to teach you how to live in a bubble. It’s for the body to have the ability to tolerate. To improve its ability to process, convert, and eliminate these internal and external pollutants properly and more efficiently.

And we do that with our four-step comprehensive cleanse. Hey look, everything that we want to protect and preserve, we clean and we keep clean. Our bodies are no different.  Find out all the details of exactly how toxins effect our bodies and the powerful, and potentially very far reaching benefits a cleanse can have on our bodies, with the 20 mins of truth cleanse video.

Then simply choose the cleanse program that is right for you by ordering the bronze, silver, or gold cleanse program. We have ones for do it yourselfers, one stepers, and multi-stepers. Get educated, get proactive, and get healthy. Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others cant. Cause its better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next week! 

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Apr 27, 2018