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Week 17 - Section 89 Cleanse - Top 5 Foods To Avoid!

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 17’s recap of 2018’s my diet starts Monday. Let’s talk cleanse. A comprehensive cleanse is and forever will be the first step in the section 89 program. Why? Because everybody knows the first step in healing a wound is to clean it. No different here. No matter what your current health concerns are, a cleanse is a good move. Clean living. And if you have questions as to if a cleanse is the right first step for you, check out our 20 mins of truth cleanse video at the cleanse section of the section 89 tab.

Now it’s important to understand what a proper cleanse is and what it is not. A cleanse is not a 24 or 72 hour jumping off point as you start your weight loss program. It’s not you going and picking up an over the counter diuretic, so you can drop a bunch of water weight. As a side note, you are hanging onto excess water because you have excess food! As you put away the feed bag, the excess water is not necessary any more, and you’ll get rid of that. Overriding the body’s balance because you want to lose a couple pounds artificially, is not the best move.    And a cleanse is not taking a bunch of stimulants and suppressants. Some “cleanse” plans have you take a stimulant to race your metabolism. Please people. A cleanse is not a one-day event, it’s a process.

So, what is it exactly? Well, the concept is not a difficult one. It’s eliminating the amount of junked up bad stuff that is being taken into the body and increasing the amount of beneficial good stuff. As you watch the Cleanse 20 mins of truth video, under the Section 89 tab, you know that there are 4 steps in a proper cleanse. It’s going clean, lean, green, and mean. In this video, let’s talk clean.

Clean means clean eating. And that means following an elimination diet. Most people have no idea what clean eating is. I mean, sure, they know the obvious stuff. Most here in the great state of Utah, don’t have a problem with some aspects of detox. There’s no this, or this, or this,

If you are doing a cleanse, there is no this, or this, or this, or this, or this.

Now, if you think that’s it, it’s not. There are many other foods that need to be eliminated from your diet. That’s why they call it an elimination diet! Now, the top 5 foods that you are consuming every single day may very well be a huge piece of your health concerns and are mandatory to eliminate when doing a cleanse. And the top 5 are…

Oh, man! So, what do I eat? Now, if you just asked yourself that question, you may need an upgrade in your meal preparations. All of these foods are considered common, very common, or major sensitivities. That means that they are known to be difficult to digest, are inflammatory, a massive irritation, and an outright food sensitivity. There’s 12 types of foods to eliminate altogether on a cleanse. I just gave you the top 5!

Wait, am I saying that all of these foods are bad for you and to stay away from them forever?  No, not necessarily. Before you introduce these food groups back into your diet, test em and see which ones are fine, and which ones the body reacts to. Some may produce a massive inflammatory and immune response, yeah, it’s not doing you any favors. Check out the digestive section of the learning center tab. Get edumacated. If you think this may be you, be sure and order the Gold Cleanse. That’s the cleanse and the food sensitivity test combined.

So, dropping the bad stuff is just half. The other side of the coin is to consume nutrient rich foods. See getting rid of toxins in your body, that’s a process of conversion and elimination. And that takes nutrients. That takes vitamins, minerals, co-factors, co-enzymes, powerful anti-oxidants, and key amino acids to take these toxins out of storage and escort them out of the body. Yeah, it’s not just avoiding the bad. It’s doing the good too! Hypo-allergenic, clean, nutrient dense foods. 

The good news is that the 28-day comprehensive cleanse program gives you the complete list of dos and don’ts for you to be successful. Yeah, it’s going clean with your diet.

Check out the science, the correlations to a toxic load on the body with our 20 mins of truth video. Then place your order for the cleanse program that fits you the best!

If you do what everyone else does, you’re going to get what everyone else gets. No thanks. Do today what others won’t! We will see you at the next post, next week!

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | May 1, 2018