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Week 19 - Has Jillian Michaels Lost Her Mind? - Make A Switch

Hello everyone and welcome to week 19s recap of 2018s, My diet starts Monday! This week is the mother of all weeks because we just celebrated Mother’s Day. And in recognition of that, I bring you the mother of all insanity! Last week I watched something so crazy, it would be funny if it wasn’t so bizarre. It would be frustrating if it wasn’t so sad. It’s a video with Jillian Michaels. Wait, who? Her. Oh, yeah! The gal, from the TV show The biggest Loser. What’s she up to? Oh, nothing, she’s just on the Steve Harvey show. Who? Dude from Family Feud. Totally. So, apparently the two most trusted names in television got together and talked nutrition and exercise.

And apparently, Jillian seems to have completely lost her mind. Either that, or she is pushing some agenda. Probably, the latter. Seems that other ideas are crowding her in the weight loss market and she needs to defend her turf. And it is amazing! Let’s walk thru her absolute pearls of wisdom and dissect the insanity. Now, she says a few things, very quickly, so you really gotta be on your toes with Jillian 

She says, that all exercise and nutrition programs are fads and are re-named or re-skinned to seem new. And she says right now, it’s keto.

Roll tape.

Right now? What do you mean right now? A ketogenic diet has been called a ketogenic diet in the scientific literature for almost 100 years, going back to 1922. And before western medicine, safe to say that a ketogenic diet has been around for Millenia. Now what I have noticed is there are two ways that people throw around this term keto, or ketogenic diet. One is the traditional, therapeutic ketogenic diet that you find in the literature and is defined by its percentages of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

The other is used more broadly to include not only the traditional ketogenic diet, but any diet that switches you over from sugar burner to fat burner, or into ketosis. And it is this way that she is using the term.

Roll tape.

For me, I’m okay with either way that people use the term. Because if you are trying to lose weight, you are really trying to lose fat, right? And the only way to lose it, is to burn it, and the only way to burn it is to be in the fat burning state called ketosis.  So, she is absolutely right, keto is not new, it’s as old as physiology. And if it is new to you, welcome aboard. Glad to have you.

Now, before I play the next clip where my head is about to explode, let’s just review the common ways that people flip the switch and get into ketosis. In order to reach a state of ketosis, you have to first burn through all your sugar stores, so the body doesn’t have any other choice but to burn fat. Well, how long does that take to go thru my sugar stores? About a day. The body can only hold about a day’s worth of sugar as any point in time. But as you see in the mirror, it can store months’ worth of fat. So, how do you use up your sugar stores to get into ketosis?  1. There’s fasting ketosis (most commonly called intermittent fasting) very popular, 2. nutritional ketosis (eating, but not eating processed sugar and refined carbohydrates) also a great choice, and 3 there is exercise ketosis (exercising thru all your sugar stores to get to fat), also outstanding. Whichever way you choose to burn fat, that’s fine. I don’t care. They all work individually. And even better, how about simultaneously combining these strategies to make the switch to fat burning mode and maximize results?  Genious. I know! 

Now, back to the conversation. Mr. Harvey, in all his nutritional wisdom, questions this strange concept of burning fat as fuel known as ketosis and thinks it’s somehow bad for you.  Okay…

Roll tape.

Of course, it’s not good for you. This whole burning fat thing is just horrible for your health. Lowering your body fat into a healthy range? Yes, Steve, ketosis sounds like a completely illogical and ridiculous idea.

Now, at this point, I’m anticipating Jillian cutting him off and correcting him. No Steve, the concept of fat burning is good, Remember Steve, I’m against the gimmicky marketing strategies of Re-skinning and re-packaging the same thing over and over to make a quick buck. 

Because your videos are way different. Let’s see that in super slow motion. Shameful of what “they” do, isn’t it jillian! Jilliaaaan! Anyway, getting back to Mr. Harvey’s comment, Jillian is about to defend the concept of ketosis and explain to Mr. Steve how it’s actually a good thing…

Roll tape.

Wait, What? Huh? Ketosis is bad? Fat burning is bad? A ketogenic diet is bad? Exercise ketosis is bad? Jillian, how am I going to get shredded if I don’t burn away my fat thru exercise? Are you saying that all of your shred videos are not only re-skinned gimmicks, but are bad for you because they put you in ketosis? Wait, what are you saying?

Roll tape.

That’s weird because in the scientific literature, a ketogenic diet is not only beneficial for weight loss, it’s a metabolic therapy that shows benefit for….

Roll tape again… Jillian!

And now the last statement, as if the garbage pile is not high enough, we are going to put one more ton of trash right on top of the heap with this gem, where she calls health a simple energy equation. Simple math, right Jillian? 

Roll tape.

Slow clap ridiculously. So, health, or weight loss, is just an energy equation, right? Energy meaning calories and health meaning weight loss. Just simple math. So you can just calculate how much you want to lose, calories in, calories out, and presto, you can mathematically figure out down to the day when I will hit my goal weight. How absurd is this?

Well, let’s just take for example the show that made you a household name. Now, we all watched an episode or two of the biggest loser, right? And in that show, what was the absolute best, most suspenseful, entertaining, and surprising part of the program? That’s right. The weigh in. Why? Cause nobody had a clue what was going to happen.  If it’s just an energy equation as simple as 2 plus 2, and 2 + 2 always equals 4, why would the same person do the same thing, and eat the same thing, and get a different result each time they stepped on the scale? If it’s just an energy equation.  They had their calories counted down to the gram. They had their workouts monitored by a team of trainers and physicians. And the results still came out different week to week.

Why the shock? Why the suspense? Why the surprise Jillian if it’s just an energy equation?  Because it’s not. Calories are a big part of the equation. No question. But if you think 2 + 2 always equals 4 then tell me what to eat, and how to exercise, and then predict down to the day when I will hit my goal weight. Well, you can’t. It’s impossible. Because the mathematical energy equation is a lie. Well, what else needs to be taken into consideration. Say it with me people…chemistry.

Obviously, a ketogenic fat burning state is a good thing for the body. It’s the chemistry that needs to take place. Yes, it’s the way fat is burned and it has many other health benefits that go way beyond fat loss. I just wish one of my chiropractic colleagues could explain to her that it’s actually a good thing, like Dr. Axe

Roll tape.

Way to go Jillian. Now that deserves a clap.

Now, can a person just cut down on their portions, eat sensibly, and lose a few. Absolutely. If your chemistry is good, cut your calories and you are good. I would consider these people the exception. 

Now, if you are interested to learn more about ketosis, how to measure it, and body chemistry, watch past My diet starts Monday videos posted on the alignment website’s blog!  If you are looking forward to future weekly videos like this one (which was a total blast), be sure and subscribe, and these weekly videos will show up on your feed for you to enjoy. And when you are ready to enjoy the best fat loss, Make a Switch weight loss program, find the Make a Switch program at the bottom of the products page of the The Alignment website. Join a unique approach that combines 3 programs into 1 to get into ketosis and get shredded! Because it is chemistry over calories, and it is better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time.  We will see you at the next post…next week.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | May 17, 2018