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Week 2 - Make A Switch - Fat Burning Mode! - January 15, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the Week 2's recap of 2018's my diet starts Monday. Week 1, I accomplished the most important step and that was switching over from a sugar burner to a fat burner. That switch takes anywhere from 3 to 5 to 7 days for some people. Just depends. It's a process, not an event. And it is the key to any weight loss program, because a good weight loss program is really a fat loss program. Because you are not really overweight, your overfat. In order to burn fat, you need to adjust your diet so the body can access it to burn.

The body can only store about a day’s worth of sugar mainly in the liver and muscle tissue of the body, but it can store weeks and weeks and weeks of fat right in those places that you see in the mirror. So, it's not a difficult concept to grasp. It's a diet that switches from its default mode of sugar burning to fat burning. Now, it's a process that the body will resist. That's why when you eat less and your sugar stores are getting low, you reach for something sweet, and the body says, Thank you!! Oh, but you just shot yourself in the foot. Right!

You reach for something small, to eat. It keeps you in sugar burning mode. You step on the scale the next morning, remembering, you hardly ate anything, you remember being hungry and you didn’t lose anything! Say what? Confusion, discouragement, frustration, all that stuff. Am I right? Yeah, because most people think it's about calories! It's not! It's way more about body chemistry than it is about calories. So, let's take a look my chemistry and see what's cooking.

First, blood sugar, Remember, most reference ranges for fasting blood sugar are 80-100. I started out at 95, went down to 77 the first week, and went down to 71 the second week. So, since I am down to 71, I am really hoping that my fat burning range between 1.5-3.0, known as ketosis. Drum roll! Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner. Coming in at 1.9. Yes, that is down from 3.7 from the first week, but that is of very little concern, it can fluctuate, that's why it is a range.

Solid, now next we look at the graph to see what the results were week 2. I lost 12 pounds the first week, and I lost another 5 pounds the second week, going from 259 to 254. Which brings the total for 2 weeks up to 17 pounds. No, I wasn't planning on losing 12 pounds the second week as well. Was some of that water weight the first week, uh yeah! Two days, I stayed the same, even though my diet was on point. Was I worried? Was something wrong? No. My body chemistry is good. It's just something that happens. Roll with it. I ran 4 times again this week, Mon, Tue, Wed, and Sat. No resistance training incorporated yet.

So, what does 17 pounds look like? Let's take a look. Picture #1 from the front. Picture #2 from the side. And picture #3 from the back. This week, I'm giving the cool changed to the back photo. That's just me.

So, to recap. Blood sugar levels are good, ketone levels are in range, diet is on point, not sweating the plateaus, and pictures show progress. The make a switch program is going good and I'm feeling better. It's a program that is available to patients. If you are out of town, yes, you can come into the office remotely thru a phone call or facetime. Call the office and we will set it up and get you started. Just about a quarter way thru, 14 days out of 60.

Remember, it's chemistry over calories, because it is better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next post next week.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Jan 15, 2018