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Week 21 and 22 - Your Approach To Health Is Killing You!

If you ask someone if they are healthy, they will usually say, Yeah, I feel great. Wait a minute. That’s not what I asked. And unfortunately, most people base their health on how they feel, the presence or absence of symptoms.  For the record, that is the most horrible way of thinking and is the biggest downfall to most people’s health. Well, why is that. Shouldn’t I base my health on my symptoms? Good question, but let me ask you this…Is it possible to be sick and still feel fine? And the answer is, of course it is. And if you didn’t know that, you heard it here first. That’s right. You can feel totally fine, be free of any symptoms whatsoever, and be very, very sick.

In order to understand this, we need to spend a moment on the concept of symptoms. What is a symptom? Well, it’s a smoke alarm. It’s telling you that something else much more dangerous is going on. It’s not the smoke alarm that is the problem. It alerts you to the problem.  Nobody wakes up in the middle of the night to a smoke alarm, stumbles down the hallway thru heat and smoke, takes the battery out of the smoke alarm, throws it in the trash, puts the plate back on, and goes back to bed. Focusing on the signal… rather than the cause of the signal is a huge weakness with the conventional medical approach.

On top of that, it is said that an estimated 40-60 percent of tissue damage, disease, or death needs to take place before you even feel that something is wrong. Just like the smoke alarm, if you lit a match in your house and quickly blew it out, you would have smoke in the house, but it wouldn’t be enough to trigger the alarm. Not a chance. Smoke levels needs to rise to a certain point before it sounds the alarm.  And with the body, that damage needs to rise to a significant level also before you feel that anything is wrong.  And ironically, most people practice this concept of not waiting till things get really bad when it comes to other things.

Take your car for example. Most people don’t wait till their “check oil” dashboard light goes on to have their levels checked. I’d say most check it every 3000 miles as recommended. They don’t wait till the dummy light goes on. Yes, those dashboard lights are called dummy lights, because everyone knows you got to be a dummy to wait till the light comes on to do something about it. And just like nobody takes the battery out of the smoke alarm to solve the problem, no mechanic will reach under the hood and clip the wire going to the dash light, shut the hood and proclaim that the light is not on anymore, and you are good to go. If he did, would you ever take your car to that mechanic again?

 But it seems that this very approach of waiting for a signal and then focusing on silencing the signal, without addressing the problem is exactly what we are doing when it comes to our health. We wait till the problem has progressed to a point that is so bad, and on top of that, we resort to a pill to silence the alarm! Most drugs don’t solve the problem, they mask the symptom. And if you don’t know if a medication is fixing or masking, just ask yourself, what would happen if you stopped taking it? Would the problem come back? If it would, it’s not fixing anything.

And by taking this approach of silencing the symptom and not addressing the cause, you are allowing the problem…to progress and get worse. You are allowing the fire to go from one room to the whole house, and you are allowing the lack of oil to impact the entire engine.

 Symptoms are not early warning signs. They are very late warning signals. Most major health concerns don’t have any warning signal at all till it the condition is very advanced. What does osteoporosis feel like? What does high blood pressure feel like? Elevated cholesterol? Diabetes? A cavity? Tell me, can you have stage 3 cancer and not know it? How about stage 4? See what I mean. It happens all the time. My father had to have 70 to 90 % blockage in 5 coronary arteries before he even felt anything. And for some the first sign of a heart problem is a full-blown heart attack. That’s a problem.

 Okay, I get it. So regular cleanings for your teeth even though you don’t have a tooth ache, annual check-ups with your physician even though you feel good, oil change every 3000 miles even though the check oil light is on, and regular chiropractic adjustments even though your back, neck, and joints aren’t painful.  Don’t wait for the dummy light, because prevention is the best medicine. So, what is your recommendation for active care and wellness care. You know, how often should I come in? once a week if you are feeling it, once a month if you are not. I see patients usually once or twice a week for active care and recovery and usually once a month for wellness care.

Listen, if you are suffering from pain and discomfort, and would like to feel well and stay well, our comprehensive holistic approach might be the answer. It is for many. Because let’s face it, chronic pain and arthritic joints is a total drag. Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. Get in alignment. Because it is better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next post, next week.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Jun 7, 2018