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Week 3 - Make A Switch - Seeing A Trend! - January 22, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to week 3’s recap of 2018’s My Diet starts Monday!

Week 1, I made the switch from sugar burn to fat burn. Week 2 we kept it going. So how did we do week 3?

I was a little nervous because at the beginning of the week, I hurt my back. Yes, I know, very ironic. I have a back episode about 1 in every 3 years. It’s chiropractic that has kept me going. If it wasn’t for getting adjusted, the 1 episode in 3 years would be 3 episodes in 1 year. That being said, my exercise was cut way down to recover. But we will get to that in just a second.

Some questions asked me this week by patients. Don’t you get headaches? Fatigue? Irritability? Those are classic questions asked by classic sugar burners, or people that don’t realize how much sugar totally dominates their diet and their chemistry. They shudder at the thought of going without it. Hey, nobody likes withdrawals. You feel like garbage. I don’t blame you. Well, when you start, your sugar starts to dip, and your fat burning engine isn’t in full swing, you are transitioning, and your body is switching over. This transition can be fairly smooth to fairly rocky for some. It’s a short period of time that will pass. Most people jump ship during that exact time because they think it’s going to be that way the whole time. It’s not.

The second question is how to you get in fat burning mode? 5 things get you there. 1. Exercise, 2. Fasting, 3. No sugar. 4. Less protein, and 5. More fats., Well, I do that! I do! I follow the diet my doctor or my trainer gave me. Okay, Great! have you tested it to see if you really are in fat burning mode. No. Why not? Don’t you want to know what’s happening? I do. I always test. When I give recommendations, I test it. I want to know as much as they do that what we are doing is doing what we think it is doing. Wait, is that right? Yeah. Especially with weight loss. Because the body can flux week to week, inflammation, hormone levels, fluid retention, stress, and dozens of other variables, our body chemistry is responding to things not in our control. So, we better make absolutely sure that we’re doing good with the chemistry that we can control. If it is, let the body run its course. It is infinitely smart in its wisdom. Follow its lead, listen to your body, and you will be successful.

So, what did my body tell me this week? Let’s have a listen. First off is blood sugar.  A lab’s typical reference range is 80-100. I like to see it from 80-90, when in traditional sugar burning mode. I started out at 95. Week 1, I went down to 77. Week 2 I went to 71. Week 3, I’m coming in at 73. That’s a tight window. Very consistently in the 70s. That makes me happy. It’s not roller coasting all over the place, so it tells me that my body is doing very well and is strong at regulating sugar. That is something that I definitely want to keep stable. A small helping of diabetes for you sure, No thanks.

Now, for my ketone levels. I’m looking for that to fall between 1.5 and 3.0 to confirm that my body is taking those long fat chains and chopping them up for fuel. I went from .2 at the start to 3.7 in week 1 to 1.9 in week 2. and I came in this week at 2.9. Awesome.

Now let’s look at my chart to see what my progress looks like. Now, I started at 271. Week 1, I lost 12, week 2 I lost 5, and now week 3, I lost another 6 pounds. That brings the total to 23 pounds in 21 days. So, is that a good week? Yeah, no complaints. I’d say 3 pounds is a slow week and 7 pounds is a great week. So, I’m good with 6. Two days were plateau days, and the others were good drops.

And with my tender back I, so I only exercised 1-time last week, on Saturday, and that’s it. So, what does 23 pounds look like, let’s get to it! Picture #1 from the front. Picture #2 form the side. And picture #3 from the back.

Blood sugar is very stable. Ketone are solid in range as well. Diet is good. Plateaus are minimal. Make a switch program is going good; maybe a little too good. I smell a stall coming on. Next week will be 28 days, so I will include my BIA scan that I did on day 1 which will show body fat, lean muscle, hydration, metabolism, and overall health. If you have questions, call the office and we’d be happy to help. One third the way thru, 21 days out of 60.

And always remember, it is chemistry over calories. If you don’t know your chemistry, test it. Because if you are not testing, your guessing. Because it is better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next post, next week!

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Jan 22, 2018