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Week 4 - Make A Switch - Enjoying The Journey! - January 29, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to week 4’s recap of 2018’s, my diet starts Monday! We have been enjoying a steady and consistent pattern of weight loss because of our attention to chemistry over calories. In order to lose weight predictably and burn fat, you need to make sure that your body has switched over from sugar burning to fat burning.  I can’t emphasize this enough. Many people just go into a weight loss program counting calories and getting on a scale. That’s it! And if it doesn’t seem to be working, well the guesswork starts, the doubt creeps in, and your confidence sinks like a led balloon. What keeps a challenging journey fun and confidence high are the right tools to let you know that you are good, when you hit those rough spots, for those that have tried it before, and especially for those that are new to the game.

It’s like this. I went ice climbing last weekend. What’s ice climbing? It’s this. It’s climbing a sheet of snow and ice that covers the face of a rock wall or mountain side. It was my first time. I was nervous. I had tons of questions. At the same time, I was excited and ready for a challenge, because it feels good to accomplish something that is challenging. It taps into that part of you that brings not only a sense of accomplishment, but fulfillment as well. Well, I loved it.  And I loved it because I had confidence in the process.   First, I was prepared. I had the right equipment…the right tools. I had fitted boots on my feet and sharp axes in my hands that helped me climb.  I had a harness, ropes, and anchors to catch me with slips and lower me back down from the top. And best of all, I climbed with a great group of guys that were not only knowledgeable, they were encouraging and made it a total blast. Oh, so that stuff made it easy? No. It was still tough. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying It was the confidence in the tools, the equipment, and approach, and my veteran climbing buddies which made the difficult enjoyable. When you find that combination in your journey, you will find success.

At the Alignment Center, we take the same approach to weight loss. It’s the confidence in the approach that makes the difficult enjoyable. It’s the tools, the equipment, the approach, the ability to check and cross check chemistry along the way. Let me show you what I mean.

First, as always, my blood sugar.  Lab range is 80 to 100.  I like to see it between 80-90. If you have been following, you know I measure this weekly. I started out at 95.  For the next 28 days, I have very consistently measured in the 70. Very, very pleased with that.  Now, it’s below 80 probably because it’s not the only source of energy being burned in the body. I’m okay with blood sugar being a click low, when I’m in fat burning mode.

So, am I burning fat? Let’s look at ketone levels. A good range is from 1.5-3.0. I also measure this weekly, the same time as glucose. I started out at .2. For the next 28 days, I have consistently measured elevated ketones from 1.9 to 3.7, this week coming in at 3.5.  That tells me I’m burning fat. My chemistry is on point. Now, let’s look at my chart, which tracks my weight.  This I measure daily. I started at 271, wow! I lost 12 pounds week 1, 5 pounds week 2, 6 pounds week 3, and for week 4, I lost another 5 pounds. Celebrate. That brings the total to 28 pounds in 28 days. Another good week.

There are also measurements that I do monthly, mainly my body fat, along with lean muscle, hydration, metabolism, and others. So, am I burning fat? Yes indeed. I dropped 5% body fat while keeping all other parameters of hydration, nutrition, and metabolism strong. I went from the category of obese to just about moderate with my fat percentage, down from 26 to 21. Obviously, the goal is to land squarely in the healthy category.  I got this. And as far as exercise, I ice climbed this week. That’s it.  So, what does 28 pounds look like, Let’s take a look! Picture #1 from the front. Picture #2 from the side. And picture #3 from the back.  Nice.

The response has been awesome. People are asking me what are you doing?  Seems like everyone wants to drop weight quickly, safely, and with confidence, mainly because they got vacations coming up in the spring. If you are looking to drop 20, 30, or even 40 bills in a couple 3 months, you can totally do it. I’ve taken the 3 most effective approaches that I have found to weight loss and have combined them into one, which I call Make a Switch. I’ll go over these three techniques in next week’s video. I should, I’m half way thru 28 days out of 60!

Make the difficult enjoyable by remembering, it is chemistry over calories. And it is better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next post,7 next week.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Jan 29, 2018