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Week 5 - Make A Switch - Making The Mental Switch! - February 5, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to week 5’s recap of 2018’s, my diet starts Monday. We are in February, meaning we have passed the half way mark on our 60-day quest to lose 40 pounds. And we are enjoying good success because we are paying attention to chemistry over calories. Wait, what? Yes, paying more attention to body chemistry to get the weight loss results we want over calories. Calories are important, don’t get me wrong. AFTER we have gotten our chemistry right by Making that Switch from sugar burning mode over to fat burning mode. Because we don’t want to lose just weight, we want to lose fat. That is the chemistry switch the switch in physiology that needs to happen in the body. Didn’t know that? Yeah, kind of important. If you have never been taught that, get ready for a magic weight loss carpet ride, A Whole new world.

Now, I have to mention that this chemical switch is not the only switch that needs to take place.  See, I went to NYC this weekend. Yes, I know, ice climbing last weekend, the big apple this weekend. I don’t usually travel this much, hardly at all really, but it brings up a very good point about being successful on the Make a switch program. Many people think they can’t follow a program successfully because they travel. Totally valid excuse. We did all sorts of fun stuff.  We saw a taping of a tv talk show, we went out to eat, we went to the movies, and had a great time! All the while, I stuck to my program and stayed right on point. I was surrounded by things that would throw off my chemistry into a tailspin, switch me back into sugar burning mode, and trigger fat gain instead of fat loss. Pancakes, waffles, and bacon at the diner for breakfast, popcorn, candy and soft drinks at the movies, and even a welcome home party that had desserts and cakes. Did it phase me? Not a bit. I’m locked in. In order to be successful, you have to first mentally make a switch and be dedicated to the process, no matter where you are.  You have to be in a mindset to figure out you can, rather than focusing on excuses of how you can’t. Did it pay off for me? Well, let’s check it out.

First, blood sugar that I check each and every Monday morning. Fasting lab range for blood sugar is typically between 80-100, although I like to see it between 80-90. I started out at 95, and now each week for the past 5 weeks, I have measured in the 70s, this last one coming in at 77.  Of all the numbers, I feel the best about that. Anyone with unstable blood sugar levels will tell you what a nightmare it is.

Next is blood ketones that I also check weekly right along with my blood sugar. Elevated ketone levels in the blood, which is called ketosis, are a confirmation of these fat-based molecules in the blood, meaning it is a measurement confirmation in body chemistry of being a fat burner. 1.5 to 3.0 is well into ketosis.  I started out at .2 and for the next 5 weeks have measured in or a bit above that range. This week coming in at a high point of 4.9. 

Now, let’s look at my daily chart that keeps track of my weight. As you know, I started all the way up at 271. I lost 12, week 1, 5 pounds week 2, 6 pounds week 3, 5 pounds week 4, and a rather unexpected 7 pounds week 5. Wow, dance. And yes, that brings the total to 35 pounds in 35 days. Now that amount was unexpected. Usually, the rate of weight loss starts to taper off. Anyone will tell you that the first 5 pounds you take off is way different than the last 5 pounds you take off. Pleasant surprise, I’ll take it. 

As far as exercise, after skipping a couple weeks, I got out and ran 3 times this week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.  Maybe has something to do with it.

So, what does 35 pounds look like?  Let’s take a look. Picture #1 from the front. Picture #2 from the side. And picture #3 from the back. Definitely giving the cool change photo to the back. This is the first picture of the back where I don’t have that crease in my skin because of the fat. Halleluiah.    

So, what is make a switch. As I said last week, it is combining the 3 very best approaches I have found in weight loss into one.  And these 3 approaches answer the 3 most important questions in weight loss… The trifecta. What do I eat?  When do I eat?  And how much do I eat?  Each one of these answers alone helps put you in fat burning mode, and to combine all 3, you just got yourself one awesome program that I call Make a Switch.

Remember, this is combining 3 approaches into one. Each one has its own rules. So, combining 3 into 1, I don’t think I have to say, that it is structured. So, you got to be mentally ready in order to be physically successful. And when you are, we will be right here to help.

5 more pounds to go. 35 days out of 60. Learn what, when, and how to eat. You have to be ready mentally in order to be successfully physically. Where the mind is, the body will follow. Remembering that it is chemistry over calories. And it is better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next post, next week.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Feb 5, 2018