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Week 6 - Make A Switch - The Plateau! - February 12, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to week 6’s recap of 2018’s, my diet starts Monday! If you are just joining us, 2018 is the year of years! New week, new month, new year…all on a Monday. So, I made a goal to lose 40 pounds in 60 days. As of last week, after 35 days, I had lost 35 pounds… only 5 more pounds to go! Finally, something happened this week that I had been anticipating for a few weeks now. And actually, I’m surprised I went this long, and thought I just may sneak by without one. Yep, the plateau.

I sensed it. This week, the cards were absolutely stacked against me. I was totally set up for it. If you are unfamiliar with this concept of a plateau, give thanks to all that is good, because anyone that has been on a weight loss program, knows what a plateau is.  Nobody likes it. But it’s a part of any process that exists in any endeavor with the body. Nobody makes gains at the gym at a steady pace, nobody grew in height at a constant rate, and nobody loses weight at an equal, even, pace day after day. Even though a person’s calories can be the same day in and day out, weight loss varies. Gee, I wonder why? Probably has something to do with chemistry. Because even though your calories may be the same, it’s your chemistry that changes from day to day. So, the changes that happen in the body have more to do with chemistry than it does with calories.

The plateau happened this week probably for a couple reasons. One, is that I am almost at my weight, meaning there is less fat to lose. And because there is less to go, the body may let go of it slower. Gee, I wonder why? Probably has something to do with chemistry. Stay with me people. There’s a theme here.

Second, I’m coming off my biggest week of weight loss since week one of 7 pounds. And usually after a big drop, the body pauses to regroup. Gee, I wonder why? Probably has something to do with… chemistry. So, let’s take a look at our chemistry and see how we did this week.

First is blood sugar, that I check weekly. Fasting, sugar burning, lab reference range is from 80-100, but 80-90 I consider optimal.  Jan 1, I was at 95, and thru 6 weeks have continued to measure consistently in the 70s, this week, no different, right down the middle at 75. Sugar chemistry looks great.

Next is ketone level, that I also check weekly. A good, strong elevated ketone level is 1.5-3.0, to confirm the body is in fat burning mode. I started out at .2, and have consistently measured elevated ketone levels. This week no different, coming in at a very strong 3.8. These tools are able to tell me something the scale can’t. I’m good.

Now, with my chemistry on point, let’s take a look at my weight loss chart. For the month of January and first week of February, I lost 12, 5, 6, 5, and 7 pounds those first 5 weeks. This week I plateaued and only lost 3 pounds. Now, and if you are going to be on the program for 6, 8, 10, even 12 weeks, yes, you will plateau a week or two, where weight loss is much than other weeks.

The awesome part of this approach is that the tools we use can confirm our chemistry is good, we are still in fat burning mode, and it’s the body taking a short break, before it starts back up again. Confidence.

As far as exercise, I even ran 4 times this week, Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat. So, what does 38 pounds look like, let’s take a look! Picture #1 from the front. Picture #2 from the side. And picture #3 from the back. I’m giving the cool change photo this week to the side. Looking much, much better.

Good news this week is that others are making a switch, and they are absolutely killing it. A wife and her husband texted me saying that they both have lost 7 pounds the first week. This good brother reached out to me because he has a birthday coming up and wants to drop weight. Well, he posted his progress on our Make a Switch Members page. How about 13 pounds the first week. Great start my friend. And this fine gentleman is tying the knot in a couple months and wants to shed 20 to look and feel his best. Let’s see, 4 pounds after the first day, yeah, he is on his way. We congratulate and celebrate your success in making a switch!

Next week I celebrate as I hit my goal of 40 pounds. The make a switch program answers the three major questions that people want to know when it comes to weight loss. What do I eat?  When do I eat it? And how much do I eat? The trifecta of weight loss.

2 more pounds to go. And only two thirds the way thru, 42 days out of 60.

Plateaus are part of the process no matter what you do in life. If you have been on a plateau and don’t like the view…Make a Switch. Calories may be constant, but it’s chemistry that changes. Keep your eye on your chemistry because it is chemistry over calories. And it’s better to be in alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next post, next week!

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Feb 12, 2018