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Week 8 - Make A Switch - Losing Even More! - February 26, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to week 8’s recap of 2018’s my diet starts Monday. So last week was an accomplishment of a goal. It was the week that I lost 40 pounds since Jan 1. But just because someone reaches the weight that they want, you’re not done, right? No, because the adventure of learning how to maintain that weight loss steps up to the plate. One thing you need to realize, Make a Switch is different, both in the success we get with weight loss and maintaining that weight loss. It’s the real deal.

See, when I first talk to people, we talk about past programs they have done with some success, because an unbelievable majority of the time, they got less results than what they wanted. And 99% of the time, nobody has ever told them about switching their body chemistry over from sugar burner to fat burner. Big piece, big piece. Frustrating, I know.  So, they start out on Make a Switch with a meager goal a bit jaded and scared from these difficult, pre-packaged, cat-food tasting, weight loss systems of the past.  But they quickly realize with make a switch, it’s just the opposite. A 20-pound goal turns into 30. And that 30 turns into 50. Don’t settle people. You can do it.

For me, it’s no different. Let me show you what I mean with a quick look at the stats. By now, you should know, but if you don’t, I check blood sugar once a week. normal ranges are between 80 and 100, but I like it between 80-90, when in sugar burning mode. I started out at 95, and have pretty much stayed in the 70s, this week, no different, coming in at 70.  Perfect.

Right along with blood sugar, I check ketones. Now, a solid range is 1.5-3.0, but anything measuring above .5, you have made the switch. Some stay on the shallow end, others get deeper into fat burning mode. Me, I switch over like a champ. This week, coming in at 2.9.

As far as my weight loss chart, I lost 31 pounds in January and I’ve lost another 16 pounds in the month of February, losing another 5 pounds this week, bringing the total to 47 pounds, coming in at 224. Yes, I hit my goal of 40, but I like to be around 225 when I start to run longer distances.

Speaking of running, I ran 3 times last week, Wed, Fri, and Saturday. And yes, I didn’t want to leave out my monthly body scan measuring my body fat percentage. My goal was to get out of the obese category when I started with a body fat % of 26.3. Well, yes, after 8 weeks, I dropped all the way down to 16% putting me in the healthy range.

So, what does 47 pounds look like, dude, let’s take a look! Picture #1 from the front. Picture #2 from the side. And picture #3 from the back. I’m giving the cool change photo to the back. You can suck in your gut, but you can’t fake the back shot. Looks better.

Yes, just as you saw me lose it, and I’ll show you how to maintain it, along with a bunch of other programs that I do and recommend how to stay healthy. I’ll show you how to do a proper cleanse, food sensitivity testing, which is a total game changer, hormone balancing, exercise, and even posture. It wouldn’t be right for me to hit my goal and then stop making videos, and just disappear and you not know what happened to me. I’m not going anywhere. You’ll see me long after I hit my goals, just like they kept track of the winners on that tv show, The Biggest Loser after they won…oh wait. Sorry.

When you decide to stop being fat, set your goals and get ready to hit ‘em! Pick how much weight you want to lose, pant size, dress size, body fat %, get your vision, and then tell me you want to Make a Switch. It’s all about What to eat. 2. When to eat. And 3. How much to eat. TRIFECTA! The answer to these 3 questions switches you from a sugar burner over to a fat burner, and bingo, you drop weight like a champ. Just watch past videos if you’re just joining. Most are on the program 1-3 months because most hit their goal in 30-90 days. Me, no different, 56 days! It’s still at an introductory price right now at $150 a month. No contracts, no auto ship. It’s up to you. You get all the materials. 30-day supplement supply. Make a Switch Members Facebook group, and text or message me any time. Totally simple. Totally legit. That’s the skinny. Pun fully intended.

You can set your goals and reach them when you remember that it is chemistry over calories! And it is better to be alignment than out of alignment every single time. We will see you at the next post, next week.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Feb 26, 2018