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Weeks 24 thru 36 - My approach to my cancer diagnosis


Don’t call it a comeback! Yes, it’s been a while. Hello everyone and welcome to week’s A LOT recap of 2018, My diet starts Monday. Well, sometimes, things go the way you plan, and other times, they just take a turn. What turn is that? The trip to the dermatologist. Turns out my routine visit to the dermatologist didn’t turn out to be quite so routine. And on top of that, turns out the follow up was something interesting as well. Check this out. 

So, I go in to see the dermatologist every year because skin cancer runs in the family. The visit itself was standard enough, they gave me the once over and sprayed a handful of spots with liquid nitrogen. Well, turns out that one spot went full on gangsta and ended up looking like this.

So, I schedule a follow up to the dermatologist on my lunch break, and they tell me that it’s coming off right then and there. They told me that it looked like Kerito Acanthoma. Kerito what? Keritoacanthoma. A form of skin cancer that could spread if left untreated. Translation, in a matter of 20 minutes, it went from this, to this. Nothing but praise and good things to say about my dermatologist. She did an outstanding job. Now, MY instructions were to keep it clean for two weeks and to come back to have the stitches taken out. THIEIR instructions were to send it off to the lab to see if they got it all.

So, it was during that 2 weeks that got me thinking of what I knew about health and what I could do to not sit back and play defense on this thing, but to go on offense. Right? A lot of skin stuff is really an outside reflection of what is going on inside the body. Poor skin and different skin conditions can be due to… Digestion, Malnutrition, Thyroid, Liver, Hormone imbalances, and others. So, I figure there’s something is wrong on the outside, because something ain’t right on the inside.

And in my case, what’s going on inside the body could be a weakness in the immune system.

I mean, the body fights cancer along with dozens… hundreds of diseases every single day and wins. Let’s hear it for the immune system! But this time, my immune system lost, and the disease won, Why?  How is my immune system? I thought it would be a good idea to get some numbers as far as my white blood cell count (you know, the cells that fight infection) and see where we are at. Oh and, just because the report from the lab says that they got it all… as far as cutting out the cancer on my hand (see, I told you they were good),… doesn’t mean that all is well. No sir 

So, when I go in to get the stitches taken out, I asked for some blood work to be done to check the status of my immune system. And to my surprise, ordering blood work is not part of the standard of care. I found that surprising because there are literally dozens and dozens, and dozens of articles in the literature that explains the link between the immune system and not just cancer, but skin cancer.

See, the one thing you need to know is that lifestyle and prevention is not the model of American medicine. That’s the approach of natural medicine…like chiropractic. I don’t fault the doctors, I fault the system we have adopted. For traditional medicine in this country, lifestyle and prevention is not the culture. America’s medical system is all about disease management. Big difference.  

Now, traditional medicine does one thing very well, the best in the world actually, and that is emergency care, saving your life when you are close to death. Very grateful for that.  But health and lifestyle, not so much. Just look at all of the many chronic lifestyle driven disease that aren’t getting better. These chronic diseases are getting worse. Alzheimers, Parkinsons, diabetes, and yes, cancer are not becoming less common, they are becoming more common in younger people. See what I mean.

So, how does my immune system look? Well, not too good. Looking at the number of white blood cell soldiers ready to fight intruders, I’m low. This lab’s bottom end is 3.5 and I’m coming in at a 4. Seeing that the top end is 10.5, I’d like to see a bump from 4 to 6. That would pull me closer to the center and away from the edges.

What are you going to do? I’m going to see if I can put things in place to give the immune system a boost.

Like what? Curcumins, probiotics, glutamine, anti-oxidents, Vitamin D, apple cidar vinegar, and of course a great multi

 Is it going to work? I don’t know. I’ve never tried it. So, I’ll be as interested to see as much as you. If you are looking for a good supplement, a meal replacement, or a program to get started on, we have everything from clease, digestive support, hormone balance, lifestyle, and of course weight loss.  Just check out the programs at the alignment center .com, under our products tab, or check out an overview of the programs under the Section 89 tab.

I’ll be posting frequently on Instagram over the next several months, not only for this, but for our 90 days to new years program coming up in October, which I will talk about next week. 90 days to new years, what’s that? It’s not only getting the shape, it’s getting in shape. If you have not lost the weight or gotten in shape this year…the year of years…you got one more shot.

Create energy, eliminate distractions, attack everything, fear nothing, and remember that it is better to be in alignment.

Dr. Gary Arbuckle | Sep 13, 2018