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The beauty of the "Do It Yourself" Bronze Cleanse Program is that don't have to be a patient. Save time. Save money. No appointments. For those that logistically can't or would rather just do it themselves, this program fits you. The Bronze Cleanse Program comes with everything that you need from start to finish.  Here's how it works. 

1.  The Evaluation.  In addition to the scale, you will also use the Metabolic Assessment Form (MAF), download here.  This comprehensive questionnaire includes over 150 questions about your health. Go to the Cleanse Section under the Learning Center tab to learn how to fill out and score your results. On your own, track your body fat using your preferred method.  This program does not include the Bio-Impedance Analysis. 

2.  Supplements.  A complete 28-day supply of our All-In-One supplement that is also a meal replacement! It’s called Buddha Trinity because it addresses the 3 major factors when it comes to a good cleanse:  1. Liver Support, 2. Intestinal Support, and 3. Anti-inflammatory/Anti-Oxidant Support.  It tastes great, and comes in two delicious flavors of Chocolate or Vanilla. This order gives you one caniser of Chocolate and one of Vanilla. 

3.  Program Guide. The Program Guide walks you through the Program, step by step. It covers all of the necessities and more.  It covers approved and unapproved foods (going CLEAN), how and when to take supplements (going LEAN), the best vegetable to eat and really cool juicing options for those that juice (going GREEN).  And don’t forget to get mentally tough for those that will be jealous of your success (going MEAN).


IMPORTANT!  For those of you considering the next step in the Section 89 porogram to HEAL UP THE GUT, you will need to be tested for food sensitivities.. To do this, order the FOOD SENSITIVITY (ELISA) TEST at the same time as the cleanse and save! Upgrade to the Gold Cleanse. The ELISA test will need to be done within the first 2 weeks of ordering the Cleanse Program to get results back by day 28.  That way, you will be ready to transition off the cleanse and into a personalized approach to healing digestion.