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The purpose of the "Next Step" Gold Heal Up The Gut Program is to save money! It includes the addition of the Salivary Hormone Test (SHT)  together with the Digestive Program in one package price. Obviously, it is for those that are looking to go on and take the third step in the Section 89 Program, Balance Hormones. The Heal Up The Gut Program is a game changer! This four-step program walks you through what you need to do after the 28-Day Comprehensive Cleanse.  The Gold Cleanse Program details are below.  Here's how it works. 


  1. The Evaluation.  The Gold Program includes the Metabolic Assessment Form (MAF), the Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA),  and the Salivary Hormone Test (SHT) kit. You will take the end results of your MAF, and BIA, (if you came into the office), from the Cleanse Program and use that for the start of your Digestive Program. Go to the Digestion Section under the Learning Center tab to learn how to fill out and score your MAF results for digestion. A re-evaluation should be done every 6 weeks. The SHT kit is planned and completed as soon as possible to be ready to transition into Hormone Balancing. 
  2. Supplements.  A 6-week supply of our foundational digestive Repair supplement, GI Pro.  Any additional supplements for Re-inoculate (Probiotics) or Replace (Stomach, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Intestine) are an additional cost.  These may be indicated with the help of the MAF.
  3. Program Guide. The Digestive Guide walks you through the four steps, step by step.  It explains the results of your ELISA test (REMOVE), the supplements used for deficiency symptoms (REPLACE), goes into detail of how to promote good bacteria naturally (RE-INOCULATE), and the necessity of GI Pro (REPAIR). This, plus added information to help challenging symptoms.


Optional: For those that are looking to add general Lifestyle support while Healing Up The will find the highest quality lifestyle support supplements under the Lifestyle section of the Product page. These additional supplements are an additional cost.  


IMPORTANT!  For those of you considering the next step in the Section 89 program of BALANCING HORMONES, congratulations! You will be receiving the SALIVARY HORMONE TEST kit with this order.  The SHT will need to be planned at the beginning of the digestive program. That way, you will be ready to transition off the digestive program and into a personalized approach to balancing hormones.