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STOP!   At this point, your Salivary Hormone Test (SHT) kit is required.  We approach this step in supporting normal physiology by testing to see what is out of balance and then seek to  balance it.  If you have your SHT results, then proceed. 

GO!       There is only one program when it comes to Balancing Hormones. There are no BRONZE "Do It Yourselfers" for this step, and there are no GOLD "Next Stepers" because there are no lab tests to be ordered in anticipation for Step 4, Exercise. So, that leaves us with the SILVER "In Office" Program.  Unlike Step 1 and Step 2, the cost of the Balancing Hormones Program does not include supplements.  With the price, you receive an initial and a follow up (3-6 months later) analysis and recommendation for supplementation, plus the Balancing Hormones Program Guide.  Any and all supplements are purchased separately. So, here is how it works: 

  1. The Evaluation.  This Program includes the end results of the Metabolic Assessment Form (MAF), the Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA)...if performed...from the Digestive Program for the start of your Balancing Hormones Program. We will also use the results of your SHT that was done either during or after completion of the Digestive Program. The Program cost includes one Re-evaluation. With Hormone Balancing, these are performed anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on clinical factors...compliance, severity, etc.   
  2. Program Guide. The Balancing Hormones Guide is very informative and an excellent resource. It explains the various tests that can be done for hormones (TEST), it talks about the different supplements that are utilized in Step 3  (BEST), and the optimal diet approach to take while balancing hormones (REST). Plus, information for the different kinds of hormone disruptive toxins to be aware of, which could potentially frustrate your progress. 

Additional Supplements.  As mentioned, all supplements are purchased in addition to and separate from this order. These include supplements for Blood Sugar, Adrenal, Thyroid, and Reproductive Hormones for both men and women.      


IMPORTANT! The Balancing Hormones Program DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY SUPPLEMENTS. The program cost is for the Office Evaluation, the Program Guide, and for personalized recommendations by the doctor based on your results!