Step 1 – Comprehensive Cleanse

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

– John Wesley, 1778

For over 150 years, since 1846, (thanks to Dr. Ignas Semmilweis), doctors have known that keeping the body clean helps to avoiding disease and promotes healing. Now, everyone knows it! Before a dentist fills a cavity, before a surgeon performs an operation, and before a mother puts a Band-Aid on a child’s scrape, the area is cleaned. Our approach to healing is no different. That’s why we start with a cleanse.

Today, we live in an environment where, according to the US Department of Health, the environment contains more than 100,000 artificial chemicals, with more than 1000 new chemicals being introduced every single year. Most of these toxic substances are categorized as carcinogenic (cancer causing), neurotoxic (poisonous to the brain and nerves), or hormone disruptors.

The consequence of constant exposure to environmental pollutants is rarely immediate. Symptoms can take years to surface, making the correlation between toxins and your current health condition extremely difficult. Individual tolerance to environmental pollutants can vary from “high” to “low”. Regardless, all individuals need to remember that toxins accumulate.

In addition to outside exposure, toxins are generated from the inside as well. As new tissue replaces the old, waist products and breakdown materials need to be constantly processed and eliminated. Unfortunately, most standard diets don’t come close to supplying the body with adequate nutrition. When your ability to eliminate cannot keep up with constant internal production and external exposure, it’s just a matter of time before toxic levels build and the body begins to suffer.

With the growing scientific evidence, our office provides a Comprehensive 4-week, or 28 Day, Cleanse. The success of the program comes from its Four Step Approach:

  1. CLEAN! (Food Rules) Eating plenty of good fruits, vegetables, and proteins, while avoiding junk food, fast food, and processed foods.
    LEAN! (Supplement Supply) Supporting three areas is key: The Liver, Intestines, and Inflammation/Free Radicals. We have combined these three into exactly one supplement, which also is a delicious meal replacement!
  2. GREEN! (Vegetables) Lots of cruciferous vegetables to help scrub out waste materials. And if you have a juicer, dust that off. If you don’t, check them out! It’s not mandatory, but it’s a good option.
  3. MEAN! (Mental Toughness) No cleanse is complete without mental toughness. Overcoming social pressure and temptation is not easy. Also, getting rid destructive emotions, like misplaced anger and resentment is key to a successful cleanse.

– For non-patients, who are only interested in doing the Comprehensive Cleanse for now, we have a “Do It Yourself” Bronze program for you!
– For patient, who are only interested in doing the Comprehensive Cleanse for now, we have an “In-Office” Silver program for you!
– And for all those that are interested in taking the next step of Healing Digestion, we have a “Next Step” Gold program, so you can save!