Patients can walk out of their correction because of the instability of their feet. Unstable feet (flat feet) lose the ability to absorb shock properly. Instead of the shock being absorbed by the foot’s arch, that shock is translated up the leg, to the shin, knee, hip, and back. This can result in bunions, heels spurs, shin splints, stress fractures, knee, hip, and back pain. It also makes it incredibly difficult to hold an adjustment.

Of all the concepts of health, this has got to be one of the easiest to understand. It can be summed up in the simplest of questions.

The orthotics we use and the approach we take is unique and innovative. The difference is that we don’t cast the foot in the problem position, but rather in the corrected position. This is different and superior to most other orthotics casted. With the added support, every step will decrease stress and improve shock absorption.

Once casted, the final product will be ready about 2 weeks from that visit. I coach and monitor on how to wear and care for them. I recommend a new between the 7-10 year mark.