Isometric Exercise

When you want to talk about a game changer, talk about isometric exercises. Not many people realize that the exercise program they are following may be doing more harm than good. The exercise industry is centered around one thing, movement. Well, what if movement is the problem. What if things don’t move right. How can movement take care of a movement problem. That is like trying to dry off with a wet towel. You are never going to get dry!

What we do is offer something different. Something that is safer, better, and more effective for many people. And that is isometric exercises. What is an isometric exercise. It’s contracting the muscle without moving the joint. Think about it. What if you had a way to strengthen and stabilize a painful or arthritic joint without putting it thru further stress and discomfort as a solution. What if you could target the muscles that surround the joint instead of the muscles that surround the skin. I know it is not as sexy, but we are in the business of saving lives. Take your pick.

Experience the difference.